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LAS VEGAS, NV – (Monday, Feb. 15): After guiding the organization she founded for 19 years, International Female Boxing Association (IFBA) President Judy Kulis announces today that she is stepping down from her post.

Kulis, who was able to attract the biggest names in women’s boxing to fight for IFBA titles, and who helped grow the sport internationally with dozens of fights throughout Asia, will turn over leadership of the organization to Kim Messer-Caminschi effective immediately.

In her new role as Commissioner, Messer-Caminschi will be directly responsible for day-to-day operations, fight sanctioning and all business dealings involving the IFBA. She has been serving as IFBA Director of Boxing Operations since 2010.

“With her longtime experience in women’s professional boxing, including as an IFBA World Champion, to the last 5+ years working as an IFBA executive, I have seen the multitude of talents that Kim brings to the role. She has the passion, experience and tactical approach to lead the IFBA for a new generation of fighters,” said Kulis.  

Messer-Caminschi served a distinguished reign as the IFBA Jr. Flyweight World Champion before retiring in 2001.

“I'm very excited to take over as IFBA Commissioner. I understand the challenges women’s boxing faces from both a fighter and a promoter's point of view and I am certain I can help grow the sport,” said Messer-Caminschi. “From the beginning, the IFBA has always supported and believed in the potential of female boxing.  With a renewed dedication and support from managers, fighters and promoters, a new chapter is about to begin. I look forward to hearing from all of you who want to compete under the IFBA banner.”

About the IFBA

The IFBA was formed in February of 1997 with its main endeavor to promote distaff species boxing throughout the world as a genuine, professional and athletic competition. It is ascending to the foregoing of boxing by leaps and bounds boasting skyrocketing television ratings. IFBA Championship fights have been presented on Pay-Per-View, ESPN2, Dish Network, DirecTV, USA Tuesday Night Fights, Fox Sports Net, and international broadcast outlets around the world.

In 2016, longtime President Judy Kulis stepped down, naming Kim Messer-Cainschi as the IFBA’s new Commissioner.

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