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Maureen Shea v Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila


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Maureen Shea v. Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila

August 29th, The Forum, Englewood CA.
Gobox Promotions

Sugar Shane Mosley's Gobox Promotions brought women's boxing back to US PPV in over a decade by featuring IFBA champion Maureen Shea and IBF champion Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila in a double championship fight.

With both titles on the line, each fighter had a lot risk and a lot to prove.

First round action was all Avila, who was the longer lanky fighter. She used her reach and quick combinations to win all three judges scorecards.

Maureen Shea showed her trademark "walk you down style" in the second, which enabled her to catch Yulihan with the overhand right.  Definitely a Shea round.

The next couple of rounds was a toss up between the judges which ultimately showed Avila ahead on the scorecards.

The experience and power punches of Shea began to work for her into the middle rounds.  Depending on the judge, each saw the fight very differently.  At times the judges preferring the quick combinations of Avila, another scoring the power punching of Shea and the third crossing back and forth between the two.

The championship final round needed a fighter to make the big push.  Both were tired and worked hard to get the nod, with two out of the three giving it to Shea because of her aggressive forward pressure.

Both camps felt they did their part to take the decision, but in the end it was a split draw.  The competitors retain their titles, and both camps voicing thoughts of a rematch.

Scores:  92-98, 95-95, 97-93
Judges:  Michael Tate, David Mendoza, Steve Hicks

Supervisor: Kim Messer- Caminschi
Supervisor: Glenn Hamada

Referee: Jerry Cantu 

Maureen Shea to Defend IFBA Jr. Feather Weight Title August 29th

Maureen Shea will take on Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila for Shea's IFBA World Jr. Featherweight title on Saturday, August 29. The bout, promoted by Shane Mosley through his Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions will take place at the Forum in Inglewood, California. The bout will be the featured title fight on the card with Shane Mosley fighting Ricardo Mayorga. 

This will be Maureen Shea's first IFBA title defense since winning her belt in July, 2014 over Angel Gladney. The championship fight will be supervised by Kim Messer for the IFBA.

Woo Retains Featherweight Title BY KO

 IFBA Featherweight champion Ji Hye Woo continued her winning streak on Saturday against Wanphen Sithpratha in Jeonju, South Korea.
 Woo won easily by 10-9 in rounds 1-3.  Entering the fourth Ji Hye Woo dropped her  opponent .  After barely getting up for the eight count, the referee continued the fight with Sithpratha promptly getting knocked down again.  Woo won the championship bout 1 minute 9 seconds into the fourth round, successfully defending her title for the 10th time. with her first KO.

Referee for the bout was Kwon Jung Seok. Judges: Kwon Mandeuk, Lee Gyeonghan, Kwon Hyeokjin
Kim Messer supervised the bout for the IFBA.
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